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The circle of

social impact business

for better world

Taken from a Greek word Ilona which means source of light. The holding brand that fuel life for others. Ilona is a social impact networks (consultancy – platforms – programs) to impose social impact business model in common business environment. Partnering with fellow believer and passionate individuals, we cultivate and develop social impact companies within the networks. So that by 2020, we can achieve our goals to be the biggest social impact networks in Indonesia.

Mumin Santoso

Managing Partner ILONA


He believes that Social Purpose can go hand in hand with Business Purpose. For him, business success is not only measured by numbers, but also positive impact on its stakeholders. The belief is reinforced by the experience of leading several companies in his professional career, which he embodies in the model and business focus.

Savitri Wibisarto

Managing Partner ILONA


An advocate in social impact marketing, she has vision of a kinder business environment in Indonesia. A business environment that is based on collaboration & empowerment to achieve both social & business objectives.

A community marketing agency powered by working-from-home mothers, MOM is expected to be a solution for mothers who nurture family and create in harmonious way.

RACK Digital is a positive impact digital marketing agency with values to do well and do good. Home to people who create in their contribution to the embetterment of the world.

The Hatch is a satellite agency group located in college, which gives students opportunity to engage with industry as early as possible.